A local number wherever you need it, worldwide

Telephone Answering have your calls handled at our location worldwide. We’re sure your customers will be pleased to see a local number they can contact you on.

  • Affordable call handling
  • A dedicated, local phone number from many cities globally
  • Calls answered in your company name
  • Multilingual receptionists

See all our business centres with telephone answering services for :

  • Phone numbers in Canada
  • Phone numbers worldwide

We’ll handle your corporate calls while you handle the rest.

Is your business line ringing off the hook? It’s time for call forwarding from Markham Corporate. With our professional telephone answering services, you can handle all the tasks you’re called to throughout the day, and we’ll handle all your home-based business phone calls.

Enjoy giving clients a professional, local telephone number that’s answered by a friendly assistant and get the benefits of :

  • Owning a dedicated business number
  • Enjoying personalized and unlimited call answering by an on-site receptionist
  • Getting 24-hour voicemail access
  • Enjoying discounts on day offices, meeting rooms and video communications studios

Friendly and professional receptionists will answer your calls with your company name and personalized greetings and patch the call to you. You can control where the calls go and receive voice mail via email with our state-of-the-art unified messaging system.